Can you match my existing alloy colour?

Almost every time. We carry a wide selection of colours to suit the majority of alloy wheels that are out there. 


Are your staff qualified?

Our wheel technicians are qualified under the IMI (Institute of the Motor Industry) QAA – Quality Assured Awards to guarantee the highest levels of skills and standards in the repair work we undertake. Copies of  our certificates are available on request.

Do my wheels need re-balancing afterwards?

For most repairs and refurbishments, we do not need to fully remove the tyre. We simply break the bead and the tyre is pushed back just far enough to access the rim. In these cases, no re-balancing is required as the tyre has not been removed.  

You can see what is involved in the repair process.

Why should I use a mobile service?

Other than being very convenient not having to take your car to a garage and leave it, you will also find that wheel repair is a very specialist job and most garages will sell you a repair and then actually outsource the work to companies like us to come and do it for them. By coming to Ace Wheels directly, you cut out the garage and save yourself money.

Do you repair wheels that are bent or cracked?

We do not offer this service and would not recommend it either. While a cracked alloy can be welded, it may mean that the structural integrity of the wheel is compromised. Your wheels are the only thing connecting you and the road together and as such everything needs to be in the best possible condition.

How long does a repair take?

It can vary as it depends on the amount of damage to each wheel but approximately 1 hour per wheel.


Can my vehicle be used soon after the repair is complete? 

Of course, as soon as the wheels are refitted to you vehicle, it is ready to use.  We do recommend that you leave the wheels at least 24 hours before cleaning just to allow the materials that we use time to fully cure.


 How can I pay you?

We are happy to take secure card payments using a PayPal chip and pin card reader as well as accepting cash. Company accounts can be raised where required and receipts can be provided via where required.  Receipts for card payments can be sent via email or text message.