At Ace Wheels, we only have one way of doing a job and that’s the professional way! We do not just cover over old damage with fresh paint as some do. We actually remove the damage and then repair the alloy using industry best practice before finally completing with the paint and lacquer.

This enables us to be sure of the quality of the work and fully guarantee it for 12 months from the date the repair is made. The steps below are the typical process for repairing an alloy wheel:

We remove the alloy wheel from your vehicle
We start by giving the alloy a good clean to remove or dirt and grime
We release the air from the tyre
 The tyre bead is broken and the tyre pushed back a few inches from the alloy rim to provide working space for the work.
The tyre is masked off to protect it from overspray and the damaged area of the alloy wheel is repaired using various techniques to match the damage.
Primer is then applied and is then cured until dry
The wheel then receives its colour coat which we match using colour swatches or the manufactures paint code and is again cured.
The wheel finally receives a coat of protective lacquer to protect the alloy against UV, moisture, salt and dirt as well as make it gleam. The lacquer is cured one last time.
The tyre is  re-inflated back to the recommended pressure
The wheel is then fitted back onto the vehicle to the manufacturers specification
 Job done, its ready to drive.

As you can see, we put a lot of work into repairing wheels as we believe it should be done properly. This makes for a quality repair which not only looks as good as new but lasts for the long term. Ace wheels only use top quality products as this guarantees a quality, long lasting life for the wheel. The primers, paints and lacquers we use are from Lechler. A job is only as good as the materials you use!